PlayStation 3 Hard Drive Recovery Tool – Urgently Needed!!

Come on Sony, I need this!!

Last year my launch day 60GB PlayStation3 suffered the dreaded YLOD (yellow light of death) and I lost everything on the hard drive, now I’m not too worried about the pictures, music & movies because it wasn’t the only place I had them stored, but what I did lose that was important were the game saves!

I’m well aware that Sony offer “cloud” back up of game saves for PlayStation Plus subscribers, however what about us poor saps who didn’t sign up but have lost everything!!

What we need is some kind of software that would allow us to connect the hard drive from the PS3 and recover the files (movies, pictures, music , game saves etc.). Sony use a file system on the PS3 hard drive that when connected to a computer isn’t able to be seen or read. I can understand that Sony may do this to prevent people “hacking” or exploiting information or data on the hard drive, but some people have used game saves exported to USB sticks to perform game exploits!!

With the imminent announcement of the PS4 Sony should take some time to help out stranded PS3 owners!!


Please, please Sony!!